Get your Finance Resume Noticed, with a Compelling Summary

The resume summary is a very rich section designed to quickly demonstrate you've got what it takes! Let's look at two examples of very compelling resume summaries for Finance professionals.

1. Summary of resume for XYZ Funds

  • 15 years of experience in investment management, and certified as a CFA.
  • With a record of outperforming widely utilized benchmarks on a consistent basis, I am a top performer with the ability to deliver immediately in new roles.
  • Key accomplishment - Two separately managed account strategies out-performed the S&P 500 in 2012 and 2013 by an average of 250 to 300 basis points annually.
  • Key accomplishment - Recruited, hired, mentored, and led a core team of 6 managers who worked together for 3 fruitful years.

2. Profile

  • MBA with 8 years of experience in Technology, Media and Telecom. Well-versed in the competitive, technological, and regulatory issues that shape these industries.
  • Developed strong network by getting into the mind of the customer to build relationships based purely on meeting need, developing synergies and building trust.
  • Grew business from $0 to $3 million and distinguished [firm] as a leader in providing valuable management consulting and financial advisory services to major media enterprises.
  • Raised $3 million in working capital for a $14 million fiber optics company (prepared offering book, developed financial structure and closed at favorable rates).

The goal of the summary is to: 1. show you qualify and 2. build a strong first impression. And you do that very, very quickly, in a few bullets. Always remember the job ad when preparing your summary. Maybe you'll see certain keywords in there that need to be emphasized in your summary. Also, unless you're too early in your career, you should mention how many years of experience you have. If appropriate, you can talk about your experience with current trends in insurance or recent developments in banking. Sectors or specialties you've worked in can also bring a nice touch.

Make sure your resume summary is tailored!

As I often repeat, accomplishments are the strongest elements of your resume, because they make you stand out from the crowd of finance professionals. On your resume, you want as many accomplishments as possible. But in your summary, you have to choose a few that seem most relevant for the specific job you're applying for. Which means that your summary repeats your key accomplishments. It's a smart thing to be redundant with the most valuable info on your resume! A potential employer won't mind that you insist on raising $3 million in working capital or building a strong team of managers! If you write a strong summary using these tips, potential employers are much more likely to give your resume a good read. And that's a necessary step to getting more interviews!

More tips for people in Finance

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