Find Your Next Job with LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

I've done a lot of research on LinkedIn, which brought me to write about the basics of LinkedIn; the Big 3 of first impressions; a few LinkedIn hacks; and LinkedIn Premium.

I've condensed all that knowledge in one huge infographic. Click here, or on the image below to have a look. It focuses on LinkedIn as a powerful networking platform, which can lead to great opportunities for job seekers.

* * *

Everything can't fit on an infographic. Here's the "digging deeper" material:
(1) My advice on writing a strong summary (which applies to LinkedIn as well as your resume)
(2) An article that debunks the myth of the 'Hidden Job Market'.
(3) Liz Ryan has great ideas about reaching out to hiring managers, with "pain letters."
(4) 'Informational interviews' are a great way to get closer to people who could help you along. Quint Careers has tons of actionable tips about that.

Linkedin infographic smaller