Get your IT Manager Resume Noticed, with a Compelling Summary

The resume summary is a very rich section designed to quickly demonstrate you've got what it takes! Let's look at two examples of very compelling resume summaries for IT managers.

1. Summary for Hiring Company Inc.

  • A proven leader with a demonstrated track record of automating and managing production and manufacturing systems for large markets.
  • 12 years of experience in mobile applications, infrastructure, internet technologies and product development.
  • Directed relocation of data center from managed service provider to [redacted] co-location facility in San Diego, along with a technology refresh, resulting in 60% ($65K/month) cost savings.
  • Implemented a change control process for applying hardware/software changes to production systems that led to the reduction of unplanned outages and downtime by 24%.

2. Profile

  • 8 years of technology management experience in finance, with a focus on elevating productivity and slashing expenses.
  • Excellent project management skills, organization and communication skills, with an MBA in technology.
  • Minimized downtime related to changes with the introduction of change management and ITIL processes.
  • Orchestrated IT implementation for new location build-out encompassing seven buildings, up to 700 staff members and a data center.

The goal of the summary is to: 1. show you qualify and 2. build a strong first impression. And you do that very, very quickly, in a few bullets. Also, if you don't have a lot of management experience, you can still mention how many years of technical experience you have. Sectors or specialties you've worked in can also bring a nice touch. And you need to highlight at least one bigger project (in terms of scope, budget, etc.).

Make sure your resume summary is tailored!

Always remember the job ad when preparing your summary. Maybe you'll see certain keywords in there that need to be emphasized. There's no such thing as a good one-size-fits-all resume. It has to be customized. As I often repeat, accomplishments are the strongest elements of your resume, because they make you stand out from your peers. On your resume, you want as many accomplishments as possible. But in your summary, you have to choose a few that seem most relevant for the specific job you're applying for. Which means that your summary repeats your key accomplishments. It's a smart thing to be redundant with the most valuable info on your resume! A potential employer won't mind that you insist on cost savings of $65K/month!

More tips for people in technology management

If you write a strong summary using these tips, potential employers are much more likely to give your resume a good read. And that's a necessary step to getting more interviews!

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